The hood cleaning company we were using went out of business. We found Cleveland Hood Cleaning online and gave them a call. They were very helpful in getting us scheduled and they arrived on time (the last company was always at least half an hour late). They did an excellent job so I will recommend them to my fellow restaurant owners.

Sam Shad
Akron Restaurant Owner


We called Cleveland Hood Cleaning late last night as we had a fan in our exhaust system break down. The owner actually answered the phone and offered to come over and take a look. He was able to fix the fan temporarily and recommended a company we could call to fix it permanently in the morning. We went ahead and scheduled quarterly hood cleanings confident they will do a good job.

Bruce Moore
Cleveland Restaurant Owner


We have used several hood cleaning companies in the past and have not been happy with the job.  Either there was water on the floors, our sinks were filthy or they just did not remove all of the grease.  Cleveland Hood Cleaning came in and did a spot on job.

Tammy Black
Cleveland Restaurant Owner


The fire marshal stopped by for an unexpected inspection and informed us we needed to have our exhaust system cleaned by a professional.  We called Cleveland Hood Cleaning and they came out in two days.  They took before and after photos and put a sticker on our hood.  When the fire marshal returned he was very happy with the job they had done.

Andy Hughes
Cleveland Restaurant Kitchen Manager


Cleveland Hood Cleaning came out to clean our commercial kitchen exhaust system and did a great job.  They arrived on time, worked on the hood inside and on the roof and left with the kitchen looking cleaner than when they got there.

Angie Crew
Cleveland Restaurant Owner

Cleveland Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Magnolia, OH

You have achieved your lifelong dream of owning and running your own restaurant.  You know how important it is to keep that kitchen running in tip-top shape but not sure who you should trust your baby to.  Well, introducing Cleveland Hood Cleaning.  We are a professional kitchen equipment cleaning and kitchen sanitizing company that will come in and clean your kitchen to the specifications you expect.

Even if our company is Cleveland Hood Cleaning, we don’t just clean hoods in Cleveland. We're happy to do Magnolia, OH hood cleaning too.

Some of our services include but are not limited to:

We understand the NFPA 96 cleaning guidelines and stick to the strictest requirements when cleaning our client's kitchens.  According to their guidelines, a commercial kitchen cooking equipment should have an exhaust and fire protection system that meets or exceeds their standards.

Your commercial kitchen cooking equipment should be equipped with exhaust and fire protection systems and need to be maintained in conformance with their standards.

The commercial kitchen should clean and inspect the exhaust system frequently and it is recommended you create a schedule.

  • Monthly for systems serving solid fuel cooking.
  • Quarterly for systems with high-volume operations, for example, a twenty-four-hour restaurant or a restaurant that does a lot of charbroiling or wok cooking.
  • Semi-Annually for kitchens serving moderate-volume cooking.
  • Annually for kitchens with low-volume cooking.  This usually applies to daycare centers, camps, churches, and seasonal businesses.

It is important to stay ahead of the grease that can contaminate your kitchen equipment as well as become a fire hazard.

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Exhaust hood cleaning
cleveland restaurant hood cleaning

As a professional company, Cleveland Hood Cleaning will make sure your hoods, grease removal devices, ducts, fans, etc. will be cleaned to the bare metal.  We know that we cannot render the fire suppression system inoperable during cleaning, however, there are some fire-extinguishing systems that can be rendered inoperable when service is done by a properly trained and certified person.

We use environmentally friendly chemicals that are non-flammable.  We will be sure that the electrical switches and system components are returned to their operable state.  We make sure the grease filters are arranged to be sure all exhaust air shall pass through the grease filters.

Before we clean, we will carefully cover your floors to be sure we do no damage to that surface.  Using the hottest water and environmentally friendly chemicals we thoroughly wash your kitchen equipment from top to bottom.  This will ensure your kitchen equipment will run at its top capacity.

Have you ever walked by a restaurant that fries a ton of food and got the willies because you can smell the grease and it smells foul?  As a restaurant owner, you know that place has not been diligent in cleaning and changing out their fry oil.  This can lead to a huge fire hazard on the rooftop.  As mentioned, we do not only do Magnolia, OH hood cleaning we can also focus on rooftop grease containment.

Grease can be tricky as it tends to seep into places and stick.  With our hands-on professions know it can be extremely hard to get rid of it.  Because built-in exhaust fans are there to prevent the gasses produced from oils and fats flowing into the restaurant that only leaves one place for the grease to settle – the roof.  Not only will damage your roof, but it can also damage the whole building structure.  Then you have to deal with the environmental issue of stormwater runoff into rivers and lakes.

The best answer to this dilemma is to prevent the grease from ever reaching your roof.  Our certified professionals can install a system to prevent this from happening. If you want to know more about our Magnolia, OH hood cleaning services, just visit our ABOUT page.

Who do we service?

Any commercial establishment in Magnolia, OH with an active kitchen.  We have serviced commercial restaurants, daycare centers, churches, hotels, fast-food establishments, and food trucks.

There is an explosion of gourmet food trucks across the country. I'm not sure how many there are in Magnolia, OH.  These awesome establishments are a specialty food restaurant on wheels.  There are instructions on the web that tell you how to clean and maintain your truck but that may not meet health code standards.  Our professionals will take before and after pictures and certify that your truck was professionally cleaned.  Being a kitchen on wheels, there are a lot of nooks and crannies that need attention.  You also want to be sure your clientele know you are doing your best to keep your food truck mold and bacteria-free.  Nothing is worse than have a patron come back to your truck and in front of a line of people declare they got food poisoning.  Then they go into gross detail of their sickness and you see the people slowly walk away.

Which neighborhoods do you offer your services to?

We currently serve the metropolitan area of Cleveland, Ohio and cities and towns in the area like Magnolia, OH.  With a city proper population (last taken in 2010) of 388,072, we recognize that Cleveland is the fifty-first largest city in the United States and the second-largest city in Ohio.  This means there is competition and we want to be the top hood cleaning service in Magnolia, OH.

What are your rates like?

We like to tout that we have the best rates in town for the services we offer.  It is not easy for us to give you a quote over the phone because every restaurant has unique needs.  We encourage you to call us and arrange for us to come over and give you a free estimate for hood cleaning in Magnolia, OH.  In many cases we are happy to work with you to create a schedule of maintenance, so you can get back to running your restaurant.

When do you schedule your cleanings?

We work with you.  We understand you cannot afford to close your commercial kitchen just so we can clean it for you.  You cannot afford to pay your employees to stand around and watch us clean either.  We look at your schedule and find a time that is convenient for you.

Contact Cleveland Hood Cleaning today for a free hood cleaning estimate (440) 671-7099.  Our professionals are standing by to clean and sanitize your Magnolia, OH kitchen today!

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